A New Data Platform Increasing Accuracy Launches this Month

A New Data Platform Increasing Accuracy Launches this Month

Xerini, a specialist software company, have designed and implemented a new centralised data platform for the British Board of Agreement (BBA). The platform hosts the database of certificates for the BBA, a UK construction certification body. This information is core to the BBA and its accuracy and reliability benefits the whole UK construction industry, so its importance could not be overstated. This platform is being launched this month.

“It has been a real privilege to work with the BBA, listening to and understanding their challenges. Xerini prides itself on its pragmatic approach to solving problems and we have leveraged our innovative platform, Fabrik, to create a cost-efficient, specialist piece of software. With a legacy of trust, confidence and nurturing long-term partnerships in the construction industry, the BBA has established the highest of standards for everything that they do. With this high bar, we are proud to have created a platform that will empower the BBA now and in the future,” said Jonathan Williams, CEO at Xerini.

The BBA has embarked upon a programme of business transformation and technology improvements to realise its potential in a period of significant change across the wider construction industry. Managing its certificate data in a secure and powerful system, with best-in-class connectivity between platforms, has become a goal of the highest importance. Xerini, in partnership with the BBA, have created a new centralised system hosting all certificate data.

The result is a new platform which provides data assurance and the ability to analyse and report on data which was not possible on previous systems. Transparency for both staff, customers and other stakeholders is greatly improved. Xerini have enabled the BBA to deliver on high-level business objectives through the delivery of this platform and has positioned them for further digital growth.

A New Data Platform Increasing Accuracy Launches this Month

Xerini leveraged Fabrik, their flexible, extensible data platform, as a practical and cost-efficient way to meet the complex requirements within the short timeframe. Fabrik offers organisations a solid and resilient base on which bespoke elements can easily be incorporated. This approach has avoided creating expensive and time-consuming software from scratch, resulting in a significant cost saving for the BBA. The new system is fully integrated with existing BBA systems, such as the Client Portal and Public Search. This means members of the construction industry can fully benefit from the new system. The project took four months to complete.

“The BBA engaged Xerini’s services based on their expertise, experience, and ability to connect with us at all levels across our business. Their real value was the intelligence applied to the technology solution which supports both our project objectives and our broader business transformation initiatives. Xerini took an approach which combined rapid application development with agile techniques to meet our aggressive timeline for this challenging project – they have met all the milestones and delivered on time. Xerini is a now a trusted partner with whom we shall continue to work,” added Martin Norfolk, CIO at BBA.

Xerini is a software consultancy who create specialist software specific to business needs. The company specialises in machine learning and data integration and is the creator of Fabrik, an extensible data integration and visualisation platform. Read details of how Xerini used artificial intelligence to help the BBA.

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