Different Boroughs Have Been Investing into the Best Computing Technology

Different Boroughs Have Been Investing into the Best Computing Technology

Just across the Channel in Brittany, a range of different boroughs have been investing into the best computing technology that is on offer for a range of different services. The investment in technology will allow these boroughs to optimize their services and make them function as efficiently as possible. Among the services that could benefit from this new technology is the household waste collection service.

Mobil-Inn has already established itself in France and has been working to install these technological advancements. Mobil-Inn has noticed that they are installing more and more of their iSmartCollect solutions into garbage trucks.

The iSmartCollect solutions developed by Mobil-inn require a platform to operate, and in order to complement their software, Mobil-Inn chose to use the Arbor 8 IOT-800 rugged Android terminal. The iSmartCollect service offers Mobil-Inn customers a simple management solution, with the capacity for seasonal variations and smart controls that can look for circuit modifications when needed while cutting down on operating costs. For this software to function effectively it was agreed that the Arbor Technology Android platform will be best suite to get the most out of the Mobil-Inn technology as the platform offers GPS navigation to assist with the material resource management and real time route management systems. The Arbor platform also has the feature of a SIM card reader that allows for communication with a collection centre and a NFC reader which means an employee with the correct authorisation can get access to the truck and the system.

Arbor Technology (UK) Ltd is known for being one of the leading provider of Industrial, Embedded, Mobile, Medical and Extended Temperature Computing Products in the UK. The company seek to offer a wide range of products and have on offer a variety of equipment such as Rugged Tablet PC’s and Medical Bedside Terminals as well as Fanless PPCs and Mobile Clinical Assistants to name just a few. The company has more than 20 year of operating experience which is focused into giving the clients the best service possible in the Defence Aerospace, Medical and Automation industries.

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