Apple Upgrades iPhone Messenger To Compete With Rivals

Apple Upgrades iPhone Messenger To Compete With Rivals

Apple has updated iPhone Messenger with the introduction of one-touch emojis and handwritten notes.

The company’s executive Tim Cook announced the changes when he was addressing Apple’s annual software conference, with the changes thought to be responding to its popular rivals WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger.

The technology giant also unveiled its plans across its range of devices for the next year, which will include a more intelligent Siri and Messages app, along with easier to use laptops and a faster Apple Watch.

Mr Cook, Apple CEO, along with fellow executives, announced at the company’s annual software conference, WWDC, the software updates for their range of products – Apple TV, Apple Watch, Mac computers, iPad and iPhone, with the aim of ‘lifting humanity’.

The yearly refresh of Apple’s mobile operating system saw the unveiling of iOS 10, of which its most outstanding feature revolves around the expanded interactivity of its Messages app.

Users will now have the ability to replace a word with an emoji with just one tap, and send handwritten notes, with special ‘invisible ink’ messages to appear once the screen has been wiped, while animations will also be able to be added to conversations and will fill the whole screen.

Among the companies other changes, Apple’s voice-based virtual assistant, Siri, has been introduced to the Mac for the first time ever, as well as the option to pay with Apple Pay.

An option will now appear on websites that will give consumers the chance to pay for goods through the Apple Pay service.

The confirmation requests will then be sent to the user’s phone, where they will then be required to use Apple’s fingerprint recognition system to authorise the purchase.

Apple Music has also been redesigned after a significant number of users reported that its layout was too confusing.

The existing music libraries of users have been moved to the front of the app, while Apple have offered more playlist suggestions.

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