The Importance of Ensuring Your Lift is Regularly Maintained

Lift Doors

Lifts are an important part of everyday office life especially when you work on a floor that is above level 3. Lifts offer a quicker way to get to your desk and save time when you need to hop between departments that are separated by several floors. CEO’s often work on the top floor so if a lift isn’t working you will be sure the man or woman in charge won’t be happy.

Lifts, like all machines, need to be regularly maintained to prevent breakdowns. It is considerable better to arrange for lift maintenance in the evenings after everyone has gone home. If one of your employees or guests get trapped in a faulty lift then it will not only cost you time in money but perhaps even compensation or the loss of business if the guest holds you responsible. It can often take hours for a lift rescue team to arrive and if you only have one lift then that’s a lot of stairs that need to be used and a lot of work productivity lost. Fire services are now also starting to charge companies that continually have lift failures.

Lift maintenance covers more than just the operational functionality of the lift. It is essential to keep the lift clean to prevent bad smells or unsightly stains from appearing on your lift. People find lift use to be awkward and annoying and stains or smells will only heighten their disdain. Therefore it is important that a regular service is accompanied by a regular clean.

It is important to choose a lift servicer who offers 24 hour assistance. R J Lift services are a great example of what you should look for in a Lift servicer. They offer the essential 24/7 quota which ensures that if any issues do occur that they will be fixed quickly and efficiently. This is important as it will reduce the amount of inconvenience caused to staff or visitors and it will also ensure that any work time loss is kept to an absolute minimum.

Lifts are an important part in any multi storied building whether it is showcasing innovation through their design and interior, shuttling employees to work, and making each department only a couple of steps away. Regular maintenance is required for both work efficiency and for safety. Whilst the lift isn’t likely to break and cause physical injury it can, however, cause psychological damage to someone who doesn’t like being trapped in small places.

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