Prime Computer Launches Circular Product Line of Notebooks

Prime Computer Launches Circular Product Line of Notebooks

The Swiss hardware manufacturer Prime Computer expands its sustainable product lines and introduces the Circular line. All devices in the new line will bear Circular in their name. With the expansion of its product portfolio, the manufacturer is responding to increased customer demand for sustainable and mobile end devices.

With the PrimeBook Circular now comes Prime Computer’s first notebook, which is based on the principle of Circular Modularity. Modular computer components have been designed to be exchanged, upgraded, or replaced. This design extends the product lifecycle of the hardware and reduces CO2 emissions demonstrably. “Shifting from the destructive take, make, waste model of the past is crucial if we are to achieve sustainability and innovation goals. The truly sustainable mobile computing era has just begun,” said CEO Sacha Ghiglione.

The first notebook from Prime Computer

A key feature of the PrimeBook Circular is the easily replaceable computer modules which contain CPU, GPU, Wi-Fi and RAM. In addition, the storage capacity can be configured up to 1 TB. The slim Green IT notebook presents itself in a stylish anodised aluminium case and features a glass trackpad, fingerprint reader and HD IR camera.

The PrimeBook Circular is available with various processors from Celeron 6305 to Core i7-1185G7 and is compatible with future versions of the computer modules. Despite an extremely powerful 77 Wh battery, the business notebook weighs only 1.5 kg. A modern 3,000 x 2,000 px touchscreen display with narrow edges and a maximum brightness of 400 nits offers just the right solution for many projects. Prime Computer offers a 3-year bring-in warranty on the PrimeBook Circular, which can be optionally extended up to 5 years.

Prime Computer dedicates to a circular economy

A central part of Prime Computer’s Circular by Design principles is to consider sustainability at every stage of a product’s lifecycle, from the initial concept to its use and eventual recycling. Thanks to modular components that will be integrated into the new Circular product portfolio, the life cycles of the devices will be extended, and less electrical waste and CO2 emissions will be generated.

Prime Computer’s circular devices can be configured at the time of purchase and later when the device’s use case and performance requirements have changed. The modular components of the Circular products are backwards compatible. This means that they are interchangeable and upgradeable within the Prime Computer Circular product line to future generations without changing the rest of the hardware.

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