Simmtronic Announce Launch of Gesture Scene Plate

Simmtronic Announce Launch of Gesture Scene Plate

Simmtronic, an independent specialist manufacturer of fully intelligent lighting control systems, reveals a touchless solution that revolutionises lighting control in the workplace.

The SPS.30 revolutionises professional scene plate control. By utilising contactless technology to detect hand movements for the most common lighting functions, it is possible to reduce the spread of surface transmittable viruses and bacteria without the need for constant cleaning. Virus Pandemics highlight the importance of clean and hygiene workplaces.

Solution features:

  • Gesture-based lighting control with contactless technology
  • Up, Down, Left, Right, Hold and rotating gestures
  • Attractive presentation with edge lit LED indication
  • Surface and Recess installation options
  • Retrofittable into existing Simmtronic lighting control systems

The pandemic accelerated designers to look for ways of making office environments safer and the SPS.30 was born out of exploration of emerging technologies. While researching Time of Flight (ToF) systems which typically use infrared pulses to measure distances or track objects, Simmtronic’s research team realised that it was possible to implement a gesture recognition scene plate that enabled contactless operation.

This product has been designed to enable clients to use up to seven gesture movements to select scenes, dim up and down and turn off lights – without the need to touch the plate. Up, down, left- and right-hand movements can select four lighting scenes with a hold scene used to turn lights off. A rotating gesture (air wheel) can be used to adjust lighting and LED indicators offer feedback to clients.

A contactless scene plate allows clients to reduce the risk of putting down/picking up bacteria and viruses that can survive on surfaces. While you can clean surfaces after each time you touch them, this is often not practical/desirable and is performed out of necessity. The SPS.30 gives employees the confidence their employer is taking their health/wellbeing seriously and providing a safer work environment.

“With the SPS.30 Gesture Switch, we again demonstrate our commitment to producing market leading products by providing clients with the solutions to meet their evolving requirements. By utilising near-field technology Simmtronic have created a sleek and unobtrusive scene plate that allows for lighting and/or blinds to controlled by a simple wave of the hand. Reducing the quantity of surface contact points in the work environment is a way of weakening one of the chains of transmission of illnesses and helps towards maintaining safety and health,” said Phil Knowles, Simmtronic’s Headwear Lead Engineer.

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