Apple Launches Solar-Powered Store In Singapore

solar panels

Apple plans to power all its operations in Singapore including a new store using renewable energy, the iPhone maker announced on Sunday.

The firm has entered into a partnership with Singapore’s major renewable energy company Sunseap Group, which will install solar panels not only on Apple’s own facilities in the Asian island city state but also on the roofs of some public buildings.

Today, 100 per cent of our operations in the United States and China are powered by renewable energy, said Lisa Jackson, Apple’s vice-president of environment.

Worldwide, the figure is at more than 87 per cent. Singapore is at the Equator and is a good source of solar energy.

Apple will receive 33 MW of the total 50 MW of energy to be generated by the project. The rest will be supplied to public-owned houses.

According to Sunseap, rooftop installations are an ideal solution for densely populated Singapore, which doesn’t have land to spare for ground-mounted solar arrays.

We expect a ripple effect for organisations in Singapore to incorporate sustainability practices in their businesses, especially for listed companies, said Sunseap Managing Director Frank Phuan, hoping that the pioneering project with Apple will inspire others to follow the sustainable path.

As part of the project, Apple will open the very first store in Singapore that will be powered completely through the solar scheme.

Apple has neither revealed the exact location nor the exact opening date of the store that will make Apple the first company in Singapore to run exclusively on renewable energy.

The venture is part of Apple’s ambitious plan to power 100 per cent of its facilities and operations worldwide with clean energy.

In October this year, Apple announced plans to build 200 MW of solar energy projects in China. It also plans to start supplying its new Silicon Valley campus with energy from Californian solar farms.


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