Diesel Generators Lead the Way to Market Growth

Diesel Generators Lead the Way to Market Growth

Having a backup generator in your office is an essential part of emergency procedures should you face a power cut or blackout. If you are not adequately prepared for such a scenario, you will find you and your workforce unable to work and thus at a loss, both professionally and financially.

As per MarketWatch according to analysts at Technavio the global diesel portable market is to grow at a compound annual growth rate of 7.8% between 2014-2019. Proving that diesel generators are becoming more and more popular.

Imagine you have a client visiting and you are faced with the embarrassing situation of having to halt your meeting as you have no back up power? It certainly would not reflect well on your brand or business.

What kind of generator should I have?

Generators come in various shapes and sizes based on their kVA output and engine size. These qualities are objective and therefore best decided upon by consulting an expert who can properly determine the right model for you.

The more subjective differentiating quality is what kind of fuel the engine runs off. Similar to a car, the most popular fuels are petrol and diesel.


  • Large selection available
  • Cheaper to purchase but not as efficient as diesel


  • Fuel efficient
  • Cost-effective
  • Operate for longer periods of time
  • Long-lasting if maintained correctly

All businesses should have a backup generator and it’s clear that the advantages of a diesel powered generator far outweigh the advantages of a petrol one.

Whilst a petrol fuelled generator might be tempting due to its low initial price, you will likely end up paying more in the long term than you would have done should you have paid slightly more for a diesel version.

If you want to ensure your business can operate regardless of any power outages, make sure you invest in a good backup generator for your office. Tarplett Generator Services supply a range of diesel generators, everything from SDMO T22k, to LSA 432 models.

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