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There are few companies as determinedly sustainable as Your Group. Amongst the design, manufacture and installation of tens of thousands of solar panels, the company is directly responsible for preventing the emission of over 10 million tonnes of CO2, and the group is yet to show signs of slowing down; rather, its organic growth has led to the development of further capabilities, affording it an eminence in the sector unlike any other.

Beginning with a single strand dedicated to supplying photovoltaic power, Your Group has since accelerated to prominence on the world stage and, with the incorporation of a group structure in 2010, the company has only become more long-sighted in its ambitions. Now comprising five subsidiary divisions, Your Power, Your Hydro, Your Electrical and Your Engineering Support Services and Your Renewable Assets, the company has established itself as a leader in the renewables market, fast-becoming the brightest and most enterprising business in the sector. With the addition of electrical engineering and installation services, as well as a project management arm, Your Group is now equipped to shoulder the entirety of a contract and can effectively act as consultant, designer, engineer, installer and project manager across projects small and large.

It is only by retaining its commitment to the sustainability agenda that Your Group has become what could only be described as a one-stop-shop in renewable technologies. Boasting an in-house capacity unmatched elsewhere, the company offers ultimate transparency and project delivery at an inimitable rate. As Jamie O’Nians, CEO of Your Group attests, The advantage of being able to do everything ourselves is the ability to provide an end-to-end service which always exceeds the client’s expectations, and that is very much central to our philosophy as a business. Our directors of each division are in regular dialogue and we pride ourselves on our ability to problem-solve and find tailored solutions that are appropriate for any and every arena.

With sustained cross-pollination between divisions and each arm effectively bringing in work for another, Your Group has acquired a level of expertise and experience that outshines any like competitor. With each of the group’s specialist services borne out of that depth of understanding, the company has developed solutions which are not only paralleled with the needs of the environment, but are also aligned with the needs of clients. Part of that comes from Your Group’s ability to take on the whole of a contract, from inception to sign-off, and therefore the company’s capacity the eliminate problems arising from multiple sub-contractors’ participation. The company, however, takes quality service delivery one step further in the director of client satisfaction. Having fostered a team of cross-discipline specialists, many of which have each accumulated a wealth of knowledge from decades spent in the industry, Your Group recurrently redevelops initial ideas and creates renewable solutions that are not only more effective but are more financially-viable than clients had originally hoped for.

Projects are always about partnership, insists O’Nians, and working together is the best way to make sustainability mainstream, find the most appropriate solutions and therefore achieve the best outcome – be that cost or environmental efficiencies. And so while each of the group’s strands are exemplary in singular, it is when they are joined that the company delivers the greatest results and is able draw upon the individual specialisms that renewable technologies require. Co-ordinating design, electrical contracting, manufacture, installation, asset development and after-care services under one roof is a feat scarcely attempted, more rarely perfected and yet, with Your Group, it becomes a vibrant resource with which to effect real change.

From a unique understanding of the marketplace and a willingness to work with, rather than simply for, clients, Your Group continues to attract the most discerning of clients, including leading contractors such as BAM and major facilities providers like Wessex Water (WW). A recent project with the latter saw the company deliver 50kW of roof-mounted solar panel systems in just four days, representing an annual energy generation of 46,500kWh. Expected to pay back in the short-term, taking just five years to pay for itself, the system at Sutton Bingham is the first WW site to receive the sustainable treatment and is expected to pave the way for subsequent projects in the future.

With a view to practising what it preaches, Your Group has taken steps to achieve the same standards of sustainability as that which it offers to clients. Its main arm, Your Power, has already achieved a status of Proving It with Bristol’s Go Green scheme and Your Group is actively looking for ways to reduce the carbon footprint of each of its other divisions, something O’Nians deems of considerable importance: We can’t begin to inspire confidence in renewable technologies unless we ourselves are pioneering in sustainability. From our own understanding of what works and what businesses need from sustainability, we assume a position where we can justifiably work on renewable projects.

Priding itself on the knowledge of its team and esteem of its services, Your Group has established myriad expertise wherein there is little the company cannot do. As it prioritises the promotion of a more sustainable future, the group only accelerates further in the green stakes and has a raft of services with which to deliver real results and, crucially, in a cost and time effective manner.

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