TOTAL Launches new Support Platform

TOTAL Launches new Support Platform

TOTAL the leading integrated energy producer and provider is already well known for offering one of the widest, premium ranges of lubricants to be used in commercial vehicles around the world. TOTAL is the world’s second-ranked solar energy operator with SunPower and has 100,000 employees that are focused on delivering energy to their customers in a faster, cleaner and more efficient manner.

TOTAL is well known for their RUBIA brand of lubricants. This brand is used by fleet managers in order to boost vehicle efficiency, performance and protection. This extra protection means that the cost of maintenance is reduced and the overall amount of maintenance required in lowered, keeping vehicles performing better for longer.

TOTAL have expanded on their commitment to improve the efficiency of vehicles with the launch of a new online platform that will further emphasise the company commitment to helping fleet operators. TOTAL Truck Solutions is the new transportation portal that is free to join and offers a range of information that can support individual fleet requirements. This entirely customisable site is dedicated to road hauliers, fleet managers, maintenance managers, owners and drivers. TOTAL Truck Solutions offers information such as route planning, information on toll roads, taxes and regulations as well as ways to improve fuel usage and availability of new lubricants, additives and value added services.

TOTAL’s new platform also boasts a comprehensive cost savings calculator that can be utilised by fleet operators to help save money on fuel usage. The portal is not just a portal that is managed by TOTAL, the company have hoped to create a community network in the space to allow more peer to peer support for the members of the platform. The community created through this new online resource will allow members to connect in personalised forums, post questions and offer answers as well as discuss the latest news and changes.

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