The First Gadget Made for Those Who Rather Be on the Roads

The First Gadget Made for Those Who Rather Be on the Roads

The sense of freedom you get from a motorbike is unmatched however the experience can always be improved, here are five gadgets you need to take it to the next level.

The first gadget is perfect for those who would rather escape the sound of the roads, it is a Headwave Tag Helmet Sound System, this gadget turns your entire helmet into a sound system letting you take your music with you wherever you go. With an internal battery and Bluetooth connectivity the helmet operates on a one button operation for easy usage.

The second item is the cheapest on the list but it can make all the difference, the GloveTacts Touchscreen Stickers are faux suede stickers that you attach to your gloves allowing you to operate any touch screen device.

The third gizmo is the Bosch Stability Control, it uses a ride by wire system, it runs the motorcycles stability through a computer and monitors serval sensors. If it notices anything like a lack of traction the system applied both the disc and engine breaks to help you regain control no matter what the driver is doing.

The fourth gadget is the Adaptive Motorcycle Headlight, this headlight help you stay safe when it gets dark, as you turn and the motorcycle curves the sensors activate and calculate the lean angle you are going in at and directs the headlight to match to ensure drivers see you coming at all times.

The fifth item is the Satechi Media Button, if you stream music through your phone then this is the gadget for you, it allows you to easily change volume, pause, play and skip tracks remotely. This allows you to control your ,music a lot safer while driving simply connect your smartphone and you are good to go, the Satechi comes with a two year battery life and a handle bar mount.

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