GKN Driveline Develops Electric Drive System to Support Small Car Hybridisation

GKN Driveline Develops Electric Drive System to Support Small Car Hybridisation

GKN Driveline has developed a complete electric drive system for plug-in hybrid vehicles which will start production in 2019 on a global platform from a European vehicle manufacturer.

The module will integrate a water-cooled electric motor and inverter with a single speed eAxle reduction gearbox. The system will generate a maximum 65kW of power and will deliver up to 2,000Nm of torque to the rear wheels.

It is the first all-in-one eDrive system to replace external wiring with a bus bar and to eliminate unnecessary mechanical interfaces, resulting in an eDrive system with higher power density that is easier to install.

GKN said that tighter integration of electric drivelines will improve the system efficiency and give car makers more packaging and assembly options.

Chief Executive of GKN Driveline, Phil Swash, commented: This generation of vehicles is making hybridisation integral to platform strategies. These complex drivelines require the higher levels of system integration that GKN eAxle electric drive modules deliver.

The complete eDrive module measures 300mm in height and 325mm in width, weihing 54kg, which makes it around 20mm narrower and 2.5kg lighter than other similar systems.

Despite the major differences in the acoustic signatures of the inverter, motor and gearbox, the overall system will deliver an almost silent electric driving experience.

Chief Executive of GKN Driveline’s eDrive and All Wheel Drive business, Peter Moelgg, commented: Automakers increasingly want complete eDrive systems from suppliers, rather than sourcing the different elements from different companies.

GKN has been developing the eAxle technology for the last 14 years and has produced more than 300,000 units at its manufacturing facilities in Japan and Europe.

The firm launched the first two-speed in the world, the eAxle in the plug-in hybrid BMW i8 and also supplies the eAxle on the Volvo XC90 T8 Twin Engine PHEV programme.

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