HTC Reveals Its Business Version Of The VR Headset

HTC Reveals Its Business Version Of The VR Headset

The much anticipated HTC virtual reality (VR) headset has been revealed, on its way this month it is set to blow up the business market as a high quality, high performance product. Similar to the consumer model, the new innovation is predominantly for business use, costing more than its consumer counterpart, the system sets to be selling for $1,200 (£830) compared to the ordinary Vive $800 (£554), but with the new VR offering a whole lot more in return.

The business edition of Vive headset is designed to capture the huge demand from industries worldwide to employ VR technology in commercial applications. Consumers are limited to purchasing more than one vive each, since the systems have been heavily backordered until recently. Various companies are using vive systems for things like architecture and 3D design, providing substantial benefits, HTC have already officially partnered with software company Dassault Systemes to showcase its commercial entity on the VR headset.

HTC have said it has already been introduced and working with industry partners to develop new tools and take advantage of the VR technology in various industries. Developments within the 3Dexperience platform have been made; virtual environment business can use the new headset to create different customer experiences specific to each individual customer needs.

One thing that splits the VR headset from its competitors is its ability to deliver room-scale experiences without the need for additional tools. The particular model released by HTC has specific built in technology, which makes it possible for professional designers to work more interactively with their designs and to view them from multiple angles allowing for changes to be made that are not noticed by the naked eye.

The VR headset has shown more interest than its competitors in selling its high-end headset specifically targeting businesses, a sector that’s been using virtual reality since long before the current VR boom. The eagerly awaited headset will be launching in June in the UK and US and will be released globally in coming months.

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