BAE Systems Wages War on Cybercrime With Top Trumps Style Campaign

Cybercrime is the newest and biggest threat to the modern world. It not only has the potential to compromise national security but can make businesses vulnerable to dissolution, rapidly slowing down production as well as the pace at which firms can innovate. In light of the increasing risk to companies and consumers, the UK’s largest and most prolific defence and aerospace manufacturer, BAE Systems, has created a playing card mock-up of the most dangerous cyber-security threats currently faced in order to increase awareness amongst organisations with a view to preventing susceptibility to attack.

In recent years, cyber attacks have been successfully launched against some of world’s largest companies, including Facebook, Apple, Lenovo and Target. As many as 29,475 incidents of cybercrime were reported last year. As a result, customers personal details have been accessed and potentially sold on, businesses have been taken offline, pioneering prototypes have been stolen, and sensitive information has been compromised.

In order to highlight the ongoing threat to businesses, BAE Systems has produced a Top Trumps inspired card game based on the greatest and most frequent offenders in the cybercrime stakes. As in the popular card game, the defence expert has detailed cybergangs’ worst exploits as well the level of threat they pose to companies.

BAE Systems

BAE Systems

There is evidence to suggest, however, that practices of cyber security are improving and becoming more prevalent. The financial services sector, in particular, appears to have recognised the severity of cybercrime; the industry as a whole has spent an estimated $75bn improving its defences against cyber attack.

BAE Systems has continues to play a vital role in such improvement and the firm has a reported a sales increase in cyber defence software and strategies of 18% last year – far exceeding the growth of its core defence division. And despite being a somewhat busy marketplace, defence groups such as BAE Systems have proven popular with businesses looking for maximum protection against cyber attack is view of the wealth of experience they possess in full-scale, national defence.

Successfully diversifying into cyber defence from its standing in traditional, governmental defence, BAE Systems is expected to make a significant contribution to local and well as national security in the coming years. And with the launch of its clever card game campaign, more and more businesses will no doubt pay greater attention to cybercrime and, with that, BAE Systems will reap the benefits.

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