Siemens’ Launches MindSphere, a New Cloud-Based Platform

Siemens MindSphere

The new cloud-based platform launched by Siemens, MindSphere which is presently live in its beta state, has recently been unveiled to follow on from the success of its official pilot phase, as highlighted by Siemens. Built to offer new business models to leading suppliers of technology and associated systems, the platform effectively sits as an IT-based ecosystem, based off the SAP HANA platform, for both developments and customers of technology to extend, develop and use applications on the cloud.

As an ecosystem that organisations will be able to utilise for digital services across the board, MindSphere supports Industry 4.0 and will put the control back into the hands of the business, offering services such as for: resource optimisation, energy data management and even preventative maintenance. Most specifically, OEMs and the developers will be able to access MindSphere through open interfaces where they will be able to personally pursue their own analyses and services – this may incorporate anything from managing the distribution of machine tools around the globe, all the way through to that of robots and industrial equipment.

The core idea is that the platform will open up new ways in which businesses in the supply of technology will be able to work, which is then complemented and supported farther by Siemens’ traditional data services which have already received much industry repute. And for providing connection between machinery and plant, MindSphere is able to do so regardless of the manufacturer of said assets through its MindConnect Nano, a specialist connector box.

For customers, it has also been stated that they will be able to elect a location to store their personal data, choosing from destinations such as on a private or public cloud, or through another cloud solution where they would be able to more aptly manage their own cloud services in an intuitive manner.

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