SolutionsPT Host Upcoming Tech Day for Systems Integrators

SPT Oct 18 Tech Day (1)

Industry IT solutions provider, SolutionsPT, are hosting a free to attend Tech Day on Tuesday 16th October. Based at its Cheadle headquarters, the event follows on from the success of a recent Tech Day event held in Cork, Ireland.

SolutionsPT is built from over 80 employees in the Greater Manchester Area, with over 25 years experience, the business provide industrial IT Solutions for those in the manufacturing sector and for infrastructure projects.

The event is designed for system integrators, and offers attendees the chance to learn about the benefits of using Wonderware System Platform 2017, the only responsive, scalable solution worldwide for supervisory, HMI, SCADA and IIoT.

The hands on technical workshop aims to take attendees through the motions in how to use customers digital assets within the InTouch Web Client, which provides the chance to explore how to deliver ArchestrA Symbols, via a HTML5 compliant browser.

Beginning at 8.45am and stemming till 12pm, attendees have the option of an afterwards lunch and opportunities to explore demonstrations and discuss solutions throughout the day.

The opening event showcases a technical look at System Platform, exploring how system integrators can use technical aspects to model their customer’s physical assets digitally in a bid to increase operational efficiency.

This is to be followed by a workshop focusing on Wonderware Operation Management Interface (OMI) which looks at how the Manufacturing Technology Centre (MTC) has implemented OMI into systems in support of a new smart manufacturing initiative.

Concluding the morning will be a demonstration that further explores the System Platform. The demonstration shows attendees precisely how to design digital assets using the software and how this can be linked to functional levels within customers industrial environments, attendees will they be shown how to display this service to a variety of clients depending on their needs and how both client and business can benefit.

The event is completely free and offers those in the sector a brilliant opportunity to gain understanding on new business implementations, those wanting to attend do however have to register online before the date by visiting:

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