Thorite Service Engineers are all on Tablets – and their performance is now even better!

As today’s manufacturing and process systems become ever more technologically complex, it is simply not possible for those responsible for the servicing and maintenance to retain a complete knowledge of all the electronic, pneumatic and hydraulic components involved.


Fortunately for the Service Engineers at Thorite, the UK’s biggest independent pneumatic products, process systems and hydraulics distributor, they can carry every detail of customers’ installations literally in the palm of their hands – thanks to the state of the art Tablets they now all work with.


Each Tablet is linked to Thorite’s unique Service Management Information System which not only provides full details of the requirements of each job, but can also give precise technical details and illustrate complete wiring diagrams, component lists, manufacturer information and historical performance data.


This makes the Service Engineer’s prime role of on-site problem solving both simpler and faster, which in turn means less time spent on each call – and satisfied customers can sign the jobs off on completion.


Speaking of the enhanced levels of service that the Tablets have made possible Ross Gowler, Thorite’s Marketing and Engineering Services Director said:


“The old adage that time is money has never been truer: When our customers’ production or processing systems develop faults it is vital that down-time is kept to a minimum, and the massive amounts of helpful data that our Service Engineers can now access has considerably shortened both the time it takes to sort problems and their time spent on-site. Obviously a “quick fix” is of no use if it is not carried out properly, but our job outcome evaluations consistently show that the actions taken and advice given by our people are as accurate and cost-effective as possible.”

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