Mobile and Technology Innovations Rocking Your World

Mobile and Technology Innovations Rocking Your World

Technology and mobile technology are rapidly advancing and the latest additions that will truly change the way you see the world (literally) are virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR). The possibilities for AR and VR seem limitless and we are just in the infant stages.

Augmented reality is a technology that basically adds to the user’s live view of the world, whether it is through sound, graphics, video, or GPS data. Some examples of ways AR can be displayed are through eyeglasses, monitors, hand held devices, optical projection systems, and more. Augmented reality can and has been used in the medical, industrial, military, and entertainment and other commercial fields.

Virtual reality replaces the real world with a simulated, computer generated world in which the user is still able to interact. The devices used to implement VR are special headsets, omnidirectional treadmills, and specialized gloves. Virtual reality has uses in all kinds of fields from architecture, to medicine, sports, arts, and entertainment.

In the entertainment world, online casinos are jumping on board with the latest technological advances and one of the more recent trends are live casinos. Live casinos let the player interact in real time with an actual dealer that is in a brick and mortar casino (a good example is the live roulette game). This definitely gives the player a more realistic feel to casino gaming but imagine if the player could also be immersed inside a virtual reality casino. With this concept, the player will actually feel like they are in a casino and walking around, playing the games. Instead of just talking to someone and playing through a live video feed. Wouldn’t it be great for a player to be able to walk up to the roulette wheel, place his bets, and watch and listen to that roulette ball bouncing around? Just hoping and waiting for it to land on his lucky number!

It will be a fun ride to watch how technology will continue to affect and improve our everyday lives. Incredible strides have been made in this field and the possibilities truly seem limitless. Who would have thought just 20-30 years ago that we would be connected the way we are today? That we would have access to the entire world in the palm of our hand. And in another 20 years? Get ready for the ride of your life!

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