New Cutting Edge Security Scanner is Being Developed

New Cutting Edge Security Scanner is Being Developed

A new cutting edge security scanner is being developed by one of the leading international experts in weapon detection, biohazards, radioactive material, narcotics and other contraband. This new container scanner is being created to be used by the Consistently Optimised Resilient Secure Global Supply Chains, or CORE. The new innovation is being developed as part of CORE’s European Research Project.

Smiths Detection is the company that will be designing the hardware and software for the new development. Amongst these there will be container scanners designed for manufacturer. It is thought that these scanners will be innovative and state of the art as the developments are working towards making scanners more accurate and improving safety. The container scanners that are being developed are expected to speed up the time it takes to detect contraband of any kind as well as improve the rates of detection.

As part of CORE’s European Research project into the manufacture of these new scanners, Smith Detection will be assisting the project by offering supply chain security and helping with points connected to the physical scanner. There are a number of other CORE partners that will be supplying their specialist knowledge to the project with relevant technologies and supply chain risk visibility.

This new system is being developed because there is more and more container shipping taking place with more speed and efficiency. Therefore in order to make sure that the security systems in place keeps up with the larger capacity as well as the increased efficiency of the transportation sector, an X-ray security system needs to be manufactured in order to increase the speed of the container scanning and inspection. It is thought that the new system being developed will increase the number of containers scanned from 100-150 and hour to between 300 and 500 containers an hour.

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