President of DuPont William F. Feehery Discussing About ‘Technology- Trends and Triumphs’

President of DuPont William F. Feehery Discussing About 'Technology- Trends and Triumphs'

It has been announced that the president of the DuPont Industrial Biosciences, William F. Feehery, took part in a panel that will discuss ‘Technology – Trends and Triumphs’. This panel happened as part of the 2017 Sustainability Summit which was hosted by The Economist and was held in London on March 23rd and 24th. Along with the other panelists, Feehery was expected to address and discuss how DuPont is using biotechnology in order to provide its customers with choices that are more sustainable.

Feehery joined DuPont Industrial Biosciences in November 2013. As part of this group, William Feehery leads a team of scientists and engineers. The scientists and engineers in the team managed by Feehery includes more than 2,500 people. The IB business is focused on making both products and industrial processes are more efficient as well as cost-effective and sustainable. The company carry out their aims through a combination of biotechnology, chemistry and material science. The key factor for the company is to create cutting edge=scientific innovation that is useful in a commercial setting.

As for DuPont IB, the company is expected to be on its way to producing cellulosic ethanol. The company are aiming to manufacture this product from their biorefinery which is located in central Iowa. The refinery uses corn stover, which is the leftovers from a corn harvest, a feed stock that can create and advanced biofuel that offers a result of up to 90% fewer GHG emissions in comparison to a petroleum-based fuel.

The latest U.S. Department of Agriculture has estimated that bioeconomy today accounts for $393 billion in to the United States and supports 4.22 million jobs. These jobs are high-skilled and located in rural areas across the United States. This sector encompasses most of what DuPont IB focuses on.

The Sustainability Summit provides the opportunity of a forum for business leaders, policy makers and experts in order to offer strategies ideas and solutions which can help them to create opportunities and prepare for future advancements.

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