Are Robots Taking Over Sooner Than We Think?

Are Robots Taking Over Sooner Than We Think?

Concern has been raised over the ever-prominent issue that artificial intelligence could be taking up to 40% of jobs by 2030’s. In a mere fifteen years, it is predicted the world of robotics will advance, even more so than it is at the moment, and claim one in every five jobs minimum leaving humans a loose end of what to do in terms of employment.

There is controversy based around the predictions with some stating robots are of no threat to human workers and others already claiming they have witnessed the robot-human ratio cause dilemma in the workplace. American manufacturing jobs have reportedly been on the decline for decades with AI now being blamed as a potential key factor.

It has been suggested that the negative economic effects of robotic ratios could increase leaving many without work and therefore without income, there has been little evidence across the board that using robotics has increased the workload enough for human employees to remain essential. Of course, this is not the case for all establishments with some being successfully able to maintain a robotic infused industry while manufacturers keep their jobs and remain having ample work.

The theory has come from the Denver Business Journal and has various workers already in a state of upset at the potential worry of loss within the next decade or so. While the evidence remains somewhat loose the concept of a 38% robot-human job take over has certainly given people something to fret over. Already there are AI’s capable of being qualified chefs, security guards, sales assistants, tour guides and surgeons with many under the impression even jobs outside of the manufacturing industry are far from safe.

While robotics remain an essential aspect of technological development, companies are being urged to remember the human-AI concept, especially in relation to factory work where machines can churn out large quantities of a product at a much quicker rate and lower cost than a human employee. Robots can make outstanding doctors amongst other professions and can be programmed in such a way that they can undoubtedly be of essential help within modern society but time will tell how much of an impact the existence of robots will truly have on the human race.

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