Ten Technological Advancements In Place That Could Change How You Live

Ten Technological Advancements In Place That Could Change How You Live

There is constant chatter surrounding how technological advancements will shape our future and more so how this will affect our everyday lives. The reality is that there are already various devices that companies have manufactured which are in circulation right now that appear straight from a sci-fi movie. Take a look at the ten gadgets that could change your life:

The umbrella that can forecast the weather: The future is said to be filled with enchanted objects. The ambient umbrella certainly explores that idea, by communicating with its owner through a series of patterned blue lights the umbrella can indicate it the forecast says rain or shine. Armed with a wireless receiver at the handle and your post code the umbrella connects to AccuWeather and will glow and pulsate a gentle blue light should the weather look frightful, which let’s face it, for Brits it usually is. The battery powered umbrella is on the market now, but might be a bit steep compared to quick emergency £3 purchase you grab should a large shower hit, starting at £125.

The fork that aids weightless: This fork known as the HAPIfork, comes in five colours and has been in motion since 2013, taking a giant leap from MIT research project to household essential. The fork will alert you by vibrating if you are eating too quickly and measures how long it takes for meal consumption. All the information is uploaded for your own horror and joy dependant on eating habits. While the health trend is bigger now than ever theories have been put in place for actual tooth replacements that respond to chewing action which could even clamp onto opposite tooth to make eating impossible if you go over a certain limit…

A bike that pedals for you: Not anything to improve the rates of obesity but certainly something to make life a little easier this bike has a motor and battery back snapped on the back of it that captures the wheel’s excess energy when going downhill or braking and aids your pedal on steeper incline or harder terrains. The bike has a specifically engineer wheel known as the Copenhagen Wheel that was part of 2009 climate change project, the wheel can connect to the internet using record speed and distance travelled to find your friends throughout your location.

The camera to record your life: This is a whole new form of photographic memory. The pedometer size camera, known as the narrative clip attaches to clothing or jewellery and records high resolution imagery without prompting every thirty seconds. Forgetfulness is a thing of the past.

The eavesdropping coffee table: This coffee table uses real time speech to display images on its surface that reflect the conversation. So if your friend stops by to tell tales of their holiday you can actually visualise it without the need to see the pictures they took, the concept is a little bizarre but could be developed to show weather and news stories which make interesting selling points for hotel chains to snap up.

The onesie that monitors your baby:  The mimo baby shirt measures skin temperature, body temperature, sleep patterns, activity levels and respiration. The organic cotton onesie is fitted with washable sensors which can be monitored in real time via Wi-Fi and also includes a microphone so you can hear the sounds your infant makes. Whether this is parenting paranoia gone too far or not the onesies are available at Babies `R` us.

The rubbish bin that orders groceries:  Yep, a bin that uses knowledge of what you throw away to order more food. This ambient piece of furniture includes a tiny camera and bar code scanner to record everything you throw away and send that information directly to Amazon.com where the recording is done immediately and more items can be shipped to your home.

The home that changes on human command:  A micro apartment spanning two hundred square feet has been designed that can transform into any room you choose. Meaning your bedroom, living space, kitchen and bathroom all remain one interchangeable space.  Wall mounted devise that resemble clocks are responsible for the change, by choosing what space you would like at different times throughout the day the room can forever be what you need it too. The bed will lift towards the ceiling and the floor space become clear should you say you want exercise space and a full wall projection of an exercise video will play.

The frames that tell you when someone is looking at your picture: The LumiTouch picture frame enables the feeling of closeness even if people are continents apart. The inspiration comes from those in long distance relationships, when one person is near the frame the background light of the corresponding frame will glow and when a person touches the frame it will light up in the area touched on the corresponding frame. This is supposed to encourage the feeling of warmth, encouragement support and love in the way of positive mental and emotional health. Similar concepts have been created including the Like-a-Hug jacket that is essentially a puffy vest that inflates every time someone likes a post of yours Facebook.

The Kid Tracker: Google’s Latitude Doorbell is a telepathic device that lets family members know where you are and when you will be home. The data comes from Google latitude, transmitted from a smart device and is communicated as doorbell chimes, one unique chime sound per person.

Technological advancement can be as strange as it is amazing and it appears that absolutely anything and everything will be engineered before long; meaning that from the moment we wake up our lives could potentially be technologically manufactured for complete ease without the real need for humans to do, well, anything.

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