Vibration Isolating Components Help to Stabilize Cameras for Cinema and Commercial Production


SHOTOVER designs and manufactures high-performance gyro-stabilized mobile camera systems coupled with the most advanced and easy to use real-time augmented reality mapping and mission management software. The company’s product range offers users a seamless end-to-end solution while delivering an unprecedented level of control, versatility and ease-of-use in a compact package backed by world-class service and support.

A radical new standard for motion picture aerial cinematography has been set by SHOTOVER. Offering operators a level of flexibility and convenience that would be impossible with other systems. Developed with input from the world’s top aerial cinematographers and pilots, the SHOTOVER Creative Product Line allows camera operators to maintain the best point of view through our Academy Award winning stabilization technology.

Stabilizing the camera and eliminating unwanted vibration are critical in capturing the perfect visual. That’s why they partnered with Sorbothane’s engineers in developing the components that would remove vibration as part of a complete mobile system that integrates stability, versatility and ease of use.

Viscoelastic Sorbothane® “bumpers” work to isolate unwanted vibration from the camera in the SHOTOVER mobile systems. SHOTOVER’S line of camera platforms offer an unmatched level of stability, control and versatility and are used in the broadcast, motion picture, defense, surveillance and industrial markets.

These systems deliver breathtaking, motion picture quality images in packages that are portable; user friendly, and flexible enough to allow aerial cinematographers to select the camera and lens configuration that best suits their particular shooting requirements.  SHOTOVER camera systems are compact enough to be transported as excess baggage by a single person. Utilized on blockbuster motion pictures, documentaries, high profile sporting events, broadcast television and advertising, SHOTOVER systems can be mounted on helicopters, ground vehicles, watercraft and almost anything that moves.

Sorbothane® is a proprietary material that both absorbs shock and isolates vibration. It has been proven effective for over 39 years. Sorbothane components are both scientifically and real world proven and continue to be specified in numerous products across varied markets and disciplines. When an appropriate standard Sorbothane part can’t be identified our engineers are ready to help engineer, design and produce the ideal Sorbothane damper or isolator to meet individual project objectives.



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