Virtuosys Launches Edge Application Platform

Virtuosys Launches Edge Application Platform

Virtuosys, a company that delivers business ready solutions at the network edge, has just launched a new platform called Edge Application, which is set to change the efficiency and economics of delivering mobile and multi-access edge computing (MEC). The hardware and software solution requires no support from a mobile operator and can be quickly installed, delivering a low-latency, self-healing Mesh network that can securely run multiple applications simultaneously.

The Mesh network continues operating even when it is not connected to the internet. Additionally, the Edge Application offers a transport agnostic network that works over any wireless or wired protocol. The service management at the edge can be done with a white label app store, while an open development architecture allows developers to deploy apps specific to their own needs at the edge, in the cloud, or a combination of both.

The network edge provides the ability to operate stand-alone networks when connections to the internet cannot be guaranteed, or high performance and low latency is essential. With the rise of IoT, the edge devices are also becoming more sophisticated, leading to the generation of huge amounts of real-world data.

The promise of edge computing in the wireless industry has been well documented, and in particular how it will play a key role in enabling a wide range of innovative IoT services. However, to date, actual deployments have been few and far between, said Alan Jones, CEO of Virtuosys.

Virtuosys technology provides these benefits today, and can be rapidly developed and deployed taking Edge Computing to the end point, not just the base station. We are excited to be launching the platform today and will be demonstrating a selection of industry vertical applications at MWC in Barcelona, he added.

The Virtuosys platform can be deployed in any environment, including retail, Smart Cities, and the industrial Internet of Things. A wide range of application services are also available through it, such as payment procession or employee messaging, and overall, it can offer customers a competitive edge in cost, performance, resilience, and security.

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