AAL Announced the Successful Shipment of 13 Haulage Trucks

AAL Announced the Successful Shipment of 13 Haulage Trucks

Last week, on June the 28th, AAL announced the successful shipment of 13 haulage trucks. The 13 170mt vehicles  were shipped from Laem Chabang Port in Thailand to the Port of Nakhodka in the southeast of Russia. The shipment was first booked by the AAL office in Brisbane and the work was carried out by the Tamp and Projects team, which is a growing service working to offer a tailored and competitive shipping solution for a range of major industry projects internationally.

The vehicles involved in this shipment were Komatsu 830E ultra-class haul truck units which each measure more than 14m in length. The vehicles each weighed around 170mt with a 2,360hp+ diesel powertrain, The vehicles were transported on behalf of Freightplus, the Internationally recognised Freight Forwarder of the year. The truck will be used as a part of a Siberian mining project and they have been designed in order to be utilised off road and as part of a high production mining facility as well as other heavy duty construction environments.

AAL is seen as one of the leading multipurpose operators around the world and they have said that they were pleased to work with Freightplus. Hopefully this successful transportation will lead to more successful partnerships between the two companies in the future. Freightplus already use AAL’s services on a regular basis in the Asia- Pacific area. The shipment of the heavy cargo took place using AAL’s S-Class crane capacity that allowed the vehicles to be lifted, stowed and discharged at their destination of Nakhodka terminal easily and on schedule.

The engineering experts working on the shipment and the company experience of working on oversized cargo helped the shipment take place. This hard work and experience was supported by the high levels of communication that took place between the two teams working on the project.

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