Anglian Water Using the Key2 System Developed by Jaama

Anglian Water Using the Key2 System Developed by Jaama

Anglian Water has implemented one of the leading fleet, driver, workshop and asset management software system. The company will be using the Key2 system developed by Jaama. This new software will be used to improve the administration for the company’s ‘cradle to grave’ management of their fleet.

Anglian Water, a company based in Huntingdon will be using the software is order to improve the efficiency of their fleet administration process. The company has a 1,800 strong fleet of light commercial vehicles, with 700 company cars, 100 HGVs, and 3,000 pieces of plant equipment across seven different workshops.

Key2 will be fully up and running for the company by the start of spring 2018. The software is thought to improve how the fleet is used by the company and allowed the employees of the fleet department the opportunity to make more informed decisions which will hopefully lead to cost savings across Anglian Water’s entire operation.

It is also thought that Key2 will make the workshops of Anglian Water more efficient as the implementation of the new software will allow the company to transition from the company’s current paper based operations. Implementing the Key2 software will transform Anglian Water into a sophisticated online business that has a more advanced management of time and expenditure. Currently at Anglian Water the management of the different vehicles in the company’s fleet is spread across a range of different applications, databases and spreadsheets. With the management organised in this way there is no opportunity for a joined up view or integration. The implementation of the Key 2 software will allow the company have better access to all information that requires management as well as additional information for the fleet.

Having all of the relevant information on the fleet easily accessible, managing Anglian Water’s fleet will be more efficient, which is good news as Anglian Water is, in geographical terms, the largest water and sewerage company in England and Wales, supplying 4.3 million across 20% of the land area of England and Wales with quality drinking water. The company also collects used water from around six million customers across the East of England.

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