BITO’s Simple AGV, LEO, Moves in to Production

BITO's Simple AGV, LEO, Moves in to Production

Following the successful testing of their LEO driverless transport system, BITO have now moved on the next stage of development, with the production of the LEO Locative driverless internal transport system. The product in production will be the simplest available Automated Guide vehicle, or AGV, on the market.

BITO’s LEO is unlike other similar product on the market as it does not require an infrastructure or any complex installation in order to operate. The development of this simple AGV opens up a significant amount of possibilities and could deliver a broader range of operations for users.

LEO is being produced as an affordable, simple, productive intralogistics solution that is available for use by e-commerce retailers, manufacturers and other logistics operations in order to gain a competitive edge. BITO has a demonstration system in operation at their Experience centre in Nuneaton for interested businesses can explore what the AGV has to offer.

LEO can carry containers and boxes that weigh up to 20 kg and all that is required of the user is that they lay out a visible track for the AGV to follow. Featured on the track are a range of additional special markings that system is always aware of its location in order to accurately travel reliably to all of its targets. The visual tracks that is used for BITO’s LEO system are simple to change or completely remove, which means that installation or alteration to the travel route can be set up quickly and easily. The patented transfer concept that is used by LEO means that the AGV can simply follow the track through a handover station and deposit its container and collect the next without any need for electronic aids and complex pneumatics.

BITO has developed a product that offers a flexible intralogistics solution via a stepped approach that is scalable to meet the requirements of their customers, allowing manufacturers, e-commerce retailers and logistics operators to get ahead in with robotics adoption.

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