Cargobase Announced an Update to Their Online Platform

Cargobase Announced an Update to Their Online Platform

Cargobase has announced an update to their online platform that is used for the spot-buy freight sector. The company has announced their new release of the On the Go mobile application that can be used by shippers in the transport industry. Users of the application are able to gain better insight into their spot-buy freight.

Cargobase On the Go is technology that has been designed for operational users and managers that allows them to book, approve and track shipments. The platform also allows for communication between different logistics service providers, which is thought to be able to help reduce the number of emails that are sent within the logistics industry. Cargobase hopes that they will be able to use this application to cut down on the excessive use of emails that occurs in this industry and can lead to an information overload.

The onlive platform has been developed by Cargo base in order to make seeking a quote, comparing those quotes and then booking or approving work easier and more efficient. The application was developed in order to be used mainly by shippers. Some companies have been making the most of the lack of desire for negotiation when organising Spot-buy shipments with a number of different providers in order to charge a higher price. However the application makes this more difficult, as the simple comparison and booking opr approval system means that the leg work has been automated, cutting down the time and effort required and meaning that the shipment could be secured in the space of an hour.

Spot-buy freight is a term that covers any freight service that is over and above regular or pre-planned supply chain operations. This type of freight is usually organised in the short term, but is also connected to a lower level of service and higher costs incurred. Therefore the technology that has been developed by Cargobase means that the Spot-buy sector could be made cheaper and better for its users.  

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