ICFM Focusing on Fleets of Cars and Light Vans

ICFM Focusing on Fleets of Cars and Light Vans

ICFM is a not for profit Institute that works within fleet management in order to raise the professional standards of vehicle management companies. The company focuses on fleets of cars and light vans and helps to advise through the increasingly complex fleet management business.

In order to tackle the increasingly difficult financial, technical, legal and political nature of the fleet management industry, ICFM work to offer a range of different Masterclasses that provides management models for the rapidly changing industry.

With creation and development of connected cars as well as the expansion of the Internet of Things and the new Mobility-as-a-Service concept the future of fleet management is changing. In order to explore and deal with the challenges faced by this developing and increasingly more technologically advanced area, the arrival of ‘big data’, or an unseen consistent stream of information is expected in order to continue fleet management operations.

The ICFM have developed their third Masterclass looking into the area of bid data in order to explore how it will impact the landscape of fleet management. The Big Data Masterclass will be held by the ICFM on the 3rd of October 2017 at the NEC Birmingham.

As part of the company’s third Masterclass, there will be a range of speakers, each looking to demonstrate how technology is changing how fleets and corporate travel is being strategically managed. The generation of more technological cars lead in turn to the generation of more detailed analysis and management systems. With the increase of information from these more advanced vehicles, the management of the vehicles will change.

With the engineering and manufacturing of vehicles changing to incorporate more connectivity and the Internet of Things, the amount of ‘big data’ is also increasing. The ICFM Masterclass will help fleet managers explore and discuss the different ways to overcome the changes to the future of the industry with the incorporation of more advanced technology in order to thrive.

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