KAUP Released Information About One of Their New Attachments

KAUP Released Information About One of Their New Attachments

KAUP is a worldwide producer and manufacturer of fork lift attachments. The leading attachments manufacturer has released information about one of their new attachments. The KAUP Discharging Device T167S has been designed and manufactured by the company had can be used in the logistics industry for emptying boxes from Euro pallets with a pallet frame. The equipment will also be able to empty grate boxes.

KAUP have developed and manufactured this device with businesses in mind. The Discharging Device T167S has been designed for businesses that are will only require occasional use for an attachment of this nature, Therefore the KAUP device will deliver a cost effective solution for those carrying out seasonal material handling operations, or carry them out inconsistently and occasionally.

The Discharging Device T167S has been designed to easily attach onto a rotation fork lift clamp and doesn’t require a hydraulic connection to the fork lift truck itself.  The speed of installation allow the device to be ready for operation immediately after fitting and then also quickly removed when the work has been carried out.  

The device has also been designed to be adjustable and can alter between three different load heights. The adjustments are made by hand and allows the Discharge Device the capacity to move pallet frames of 800mm, 1,200mm and 1,600mm. The KAUP Discharge Device also has a central track, which allows for a more precise lifting of the Euro pallets. The central track that is included as part of the device manufactured by KAUP means that the pallet can be placed at 90° to the attachment.

The new attachment is available for purchase from all industry sectors across the UK and Ireland. The device is available from B&B Attachments, the materials handling specialist company which works as a location for a number of different attachments from other manufacturers and suppliers.

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