MAHLE Aftermarket Releases new Turbochargers

MAHLE Aftermarket Releases new Turbochargers

MAHLE Aftermarket has announced that they have released a new turbocharger range. This new range of products have been released by the company in order to offer customers not only the most up-to-date part numbers for their passenger cars and light commercial vehicles but is also considered to be the perfect showcase for MAHLE’s technology. The new products bring top class turbochargers to the automotive aftermarket.

MAHLE has ensured that this new release delivers cutting edge quality in order to ensure their aftermarket solutions offer both endurance and efficiency requirements. MAHLE ensures an extremely tough environment for testing their turbochargers and because of this, the company has been able to develop a new process that works to integrate and develop their expertise and high-level manufacturing precision.

The unrivalled quality of their castings as well as their precise balancing makes their products unique, thanks to a combination of cutting edge-simulations as well as though tests and computer controlled production.

On top of this, MAHLE has ensured that their newly released range of turbochargers offers boost pressure control, with MAHLE’s Exhaust gas turbochargers deliver a superb engine torque when installed, even at low engine speeds and with a small exhaust gas mass flow. This means that the new turbocharger can offer the boosted benefit of speeds in excess of 300,000 rpm with temperatures above 1,000°C. The boost pressure for the turbocharger is regulated in order to prevent the exhaust gas turbocharger from overcharging the engine when being used at higher engine speeds.

The newly developed turbochargers from MAHLE are Exhaust-gas turbochargers and are considered to be a key technology that can be used in order to enhance performance as well as reduce fuel consumption and lower exhaust emissions. The new product range therefore offers an enhanced performance with lower emissions as a result and because turbochargers have now been recognised as an indispensable component that can comply with stricter emissions limits, MAHLE is focused on delivering to their customers a range of new additions that will have a greater vehicle parc coverage going forward.

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