Nampak Chooses Bibby Distribution

Nampak Chooses Bibby Distribution

The leading manufacturer of HDPE (High Density Polyethylene), Nampak Plastics Europe, has now selected its partner to provide an expert transport solution for the company’s products. Logistics business Bibby Distribution has been chosen for the partnership, based on the company’s ability to add value and reduce carbon emissions through its flexible national network.

Working from Nampak’s head office in Newport, it will be Bibby’s responsibility to transport HDPE packaging to various different areas of the UK to in-plants and dairy customers. The logistics company will also be acting as a 4PL for the Republic of Ireland and the Netherlands, managing sub-contractors for deliveries in these countries.

Bibby Distribution will now be making significant investments towards improving the fleet and technology over the course of the next year or so, expected to be worth over £5 million. This investment is set to make Nampak sure they have made the right choice with this partnership, with operations expected to run much more efficiently as a result.

Arnold Mitterer, the Managing Director of Nampak Plastics Europe, has commented, Our challenge is that we produce a low-cost, light-weight product which is high volume, and that comes with a relatively significant transport cost. They have a huge national network that’s extremely flexible which provides us with a value-add solution. This improves our overall efficiency in our transport network.

So what will this investment of over £5 million include? New Euro VI tractor units are expected to be introduced in the near future which will enhance fuel efficiency, on top of the addition of 100 high-cube trailers to maximise the available payload volume.
You can expect to hear about many more developments too in the near future which will enhance this mutually beneficial relationship. Bibby Distribution will certainly prove to be the perfect partner for Nampak Plastics Europe!

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