Seton Revolutionises Traffic Management

Seton Revolutionises Traffic Management

Seton is one of the world’s leading manufacturers and distributors of health and safety solution that has recently launched a pioneering speed bump, which offers market leading strength and durability. With an innovative ground fixing rail system that significantly reduces deformation and distortion, the Seton Speed Bump has been developed following extensive research into current customer needs and existing products within the marketplace.  

The Seton Speed Bump has been designed to last, boasting a unique chevron interlocking shape for enhanced strength and a rail system that significantly reduced the stress levels of the ground bolts, while minimising the risk of the speed bump being dislodged and damaging vehicles. Moreover, a colour contract lifetime guarantee ensures the speed bump remains highly visible for maximum impact.

“Existing traffic calming products are notoriously characterised by low durability and poor quality, with recent research showing that almost a quarter of motorists have suffered vehicle damage due to such measures. As health and safety experts, we wanted to develop a solution to these problems, providing businesses and organisations operating a private car park the ability to meet their legal obligations,” said Ed Barnes, Traffic Innovation Manager at Seton.

“The Seton Speed Bump is the result of an intensive and extensive research and development programme. It has been designed to tackle the common problem of speed bumps being ripped up, offering a durable, easy install solution for facilities managers, health and safety managers and estates managers as well as contractors and installers,” Ed added.

The unique Seton Speed Bump rail system enables bolt heads to be as close to the car park’s surface as possible, greatly reducing bolt movement. The upright surface of the rails improves lateral drag resistance and increases crush resistance, which provides additional strength and durability in comparison with standard non-rail installation speed bumps.

Available in two height and material options, the Seton Speed Bump marks the start of an extensive programme of innovative product development for the health and safety manufacturer and distributor.

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