Transdek Awarded Patent

Transdek Awarded Patent

Double deck sector specialist Transdek UK has been reaping the rewards recently for its latest fixed double deck trailer, and now it has been confirmed that the trailer which can carry over 100% more than a standard single vehicle, has received a patent grant.

The innovative wedge double deck trailer has proved to be significantly beneficial in reducing costs for operators, and its unique Wedge chassis design means that loading availability has been increased as well, with major retailers such as Boots already picking up on the uses of Transdek’s trailer.

I’m delighted that the Wedge trailer’s innovative design has received a patent grant, commented Transdek’s Managing Director, Mark Adams. At Transdek, we always try to push the boundaries of accepted industry standards, to see if we can work with our customers to offer real added value to the supply chain.

In the case of the Wedge, we have adapted the conventional sloping chassis design to provide increased load clearance on each deck. For a large number of operators, this subtle development makes the difference between carrying 52 pallets in the Wedge compared to 44 pallets in other double deck trailers.

The Wedge trailer also reduces fuel consumption and CO2 emissions within this efficient mode of transport, and with Boots already operating 60 of these trailers in an attempt to reduce mileage and emissions, it surely won’t be long until the usage becomes even more widespread.

Thomas Ridley Foodservice is another company that has adopted the use of the Wedge trailers already, as they are used to handle and distribute the business’s chilled, ambient and frozen products around the UK.

So, with the success still pouring in for the Wedge trailer, what is the next development that Transdek has planned? We can look forward to finding out, but in the meantime we are likely to see more companies starting to use these Wedge trailers!

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