WEBINAR | 29th April 2021 | 10.00 am

Metal Working Fluids in Manufacturing – Your Essential Safety Briefing

About the webinar!

Join us online for an interactive Q&A session exploring the health and safety implications of metal working fluids in manufacturing – now free to Manufacturing & Engineering Magazine’s readers.

Richard Denton, Senior Southalls H&S Consultant, steers you through the maze of MWF safety and delivers tailored advice for your top compliance concerns. Get one-to-one answers across priority topics including:

Safeguard against costly claims and protect the long-term health of your team with clear-cut guidance on one of the manufacturing sector’s most misunderstood risks.

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The Speaker

Richard Denton

Richard Denton

Richard is a Senior Health and Safety Consultant at Southalls with over 15 years of health and safety experience in commercial and private settings. He has industry-specific knowledge in manufacturing and production environments. He works closely with a diverse range of clients from many different industry sectors to provide practical advice and commercially viable solutions to businesses.

About Southalls

With workers taking on high-risk activities every day, health and safety in manufacturing leaves no room for error. Southalls provide the tools, technology and tailor-made solutions to inspire confidence, cut claims and transform team attitudes.

Southalls safety experts start with a solid understanding of your business, then shape a comprehensive H&S programme that addresses critical manufacturers’ health and safety concerns such as machinery, handling and transport safety. They also conduct workplace noise assessments to keep you compliant with the Control of Noise at Work Regulations.

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